PHP Developer

Job Description

To work with experienced, self-developed, open to development, strong communication skills, talented people who have graduated from related departments of universities or have industry experience.


4 years or more of development with PHP, advanced experience,
PHP frameworks (Framework) experienced & knowledgeable,
Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

  • Proficient in at least one javascript library
  • Proficient in MySQL Database, knowledgeable in creating database structures
  • Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming,
  • Experienced in RESTFul Api, Web services, microservices, JSON and XML technologies,
  • Experienced in using Git file.
  • Previous experience or knowledge of JIRA and similar project development tools
  • Prioritizing security, performance and optimization while developing,
  • Able to write clean and understandable code,
  • Analytical, solution-oriented, with foresight, responsible who can use their own initiative when necessary,
  • English knowledge sufficient to follow technical documents,
  • Able to create technical documents, have high and strong written and verbal communication
  • Compatible and prone to teamwork, knowing team culture and value

Must Have

  • We expect our teammate, who will join us, to be a part of our core team and to take an active role in the development processes,
  • It will take an active role in the renewed code and project processes, and will be involved in all processes from start to finish.
  • Implementation of Third Party integrations will enable their development
  • Development of required API services will be coordinated with Mobile development teams
  • Will work one-on-one with a Front - End developer when necessary,
  • Being involved in Code review processes when necessary,
  • Will be able to plan and advance their work according to the tasks entered through JIRA, and communicate with product managers.

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