What are RTS Games?

What are RTS Games?

What are RTS games, RTS games are known as reality-based strategy games. If you are interested in strategy games, these games come to the fore as a game for you. The popularity of these games is increasing at a very high level nowadays. RTS games are among the favorite games of strategy lovers in every respect. Within the scope of RTS games;

Age Of Empires,
Empire Earth,
Europa Universalis,
Company of Heroes,
The above games manage to stand out as the most played RTS-based strategy games today. These games can be played both multiplayer and single. At the same time, strategy games are attracting attention as they are gaining more and more popularity day by day.

Age of Empires
The Age Of Empires game, which comes to the fore in the scope of what is the RTS game released by Microsoft, offers you a great strategy game experience from every angle. There are many different civilizations and special soldiers of civilizations in the game. There are also Ottomans in the game. Thus, there are traces of Turks in the game. In addition, the game has 4 series in total. The 4th series of the game has managed to attract attention with its high graphics features and has been appreciated. While the 2nd series of the game is based on the medieval war technology, the 3rd and 4th series of the game take place in firearms. In this game you can destroy medieval castles with cannons with big cannons. The game offers you a unique realism experience in this area in multiplayer possibilities.

Empire Earth
Empire Earth, a reality-based strategy game released in 2001 by Rick Godman, offers you a magnificent war experience. In the game, you can experience the medieval experience in the best way. This game, where battles and strategies come to the fore, can be played both in single player and multiplayer. Empire Earth game stands out as a game based on age jumping. In the game, you can develop your civilization by jumping the age and enter into a fierce struggle with other players. Empire Earth manages to rank first among the most popular and most played RTS games of today.

Europa Universalis
When it comes to RTS games, the games of the Europa Universalis series have an extremely important role among the strategy games played on the map. Among the strategy games, this game offers you an extremely challenging process. There are many historical characters in the game. You have the right to progress in the game with the civilization you want. The Europa Universalis series consists of 4 series today. The popularity of this game, which has 4 different series, is quite high today. The 3rd and 4th series of the game are among the most played series. Developed by Paradox, the first release date of this game stands out as August 13, 2013. Johan Andersson is the designer of the game. Linux- Windows- MacOS game platforms are known.

Company of Heroes
Company of Heroes, which stands out as a strategy and video game, stands out as the most popular answer to the question of what are RTS games. Company of Heroes is among the most played games for reality-based strategy games. The main theme of the game is the years of the 2nd world war. The game developed by SEGA takes you to the years of the 2nd world war and offers a great experience. The game is one of the most downloaded RTS games on the Steam platform. Among the RTS games, Company of Heroes has both single and multi-player playable features that have managed to attract attention in every period. The game provides you with the features of being the best strategy game and puts you in a unique war simulation!

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